Not-intelligent Filmbook Club

Bookclubs are seen by the common man as a lame little club for nerds and housewives. Guess what? You’re probably right, but if you think about it, when you and your friends realise that you read the same book, you start this massive discussion and debate about the storyline, characters, or what’s to come at […]

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Worst idea ever

So this year I started (like everyone else) with a new clean slate, or at least that’s what I thought I did. I decided to take part in many co-curricular activities, and these include: Jazz band, Symphony Orchestra, play, drumline, picking up a new instrument (cello), continuing drum lessons, teaching drums, and last but not […]

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Year 12 2016

Good Morning, 2016. It is the biggest year of my life (so far). My plans for this year is to try and make it the most fulfilling one thus far. I should be treating every year like this, so I guess now’s the time to start? Every year starts with something new. Or as all […]

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Cards of Hope

Yay! Recently, I started a card-making movement called “Cards of Hope”. In conjunction with reddit’s /r/RandomActsofCards, I am able to find anyone everywhere in the world who need help with their emotional stress/ down times. The girls (10-18 yrs old) in the boarding house write nice, encouraging words and funny jokes is hopes of cheering […]

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