Life of a Boarder

Lo and behold, life in a boarding house. It varies from person to person but I’m a fairly flexible one with the adaptability skills of a Tardigrade. IMG_20150614_115749

I am a boarding student of a school in Western Australia. I am fairly lucky to have chosen one of the best boarding schools in the state. Every room has a name on it. This makes it easier for the boarding house mothers (housies) to do their job. i.e. Head count, morning wake up calls etc.


Housies carry a set of keys that have access to every room in the boarding house.


The hallway is simple. That’s it.


The common room- ah yes. This is where girls come out to chat, study, cook, eat, and play games (sometimes) together. It’s basically the magic of friendship in one room.


A bell is rung for lunch and dinner times. A housie would walk around the boarding house, bell in hand. Sometimes they shake it like it’s no tomorrow.


We get catered lunch in the dining hall, but snacks and little tea time meals always make us smile.


Friendly cleaners come in every day during the weekdays to clean up our mess (oops), vacuum our floors, and restock bathroom facilities. This doesn’t mean we don’t have to clean up. Dishes and keeping the common rooms clean are our sole responsibility.


I am a fan of colour. That’s why my sheets are oh so colourful. Every room has a desk, bed, cupboards, and windows. Fortunately, for most of the Year 11s and 12s, we get river views.


This is our million dollar view. At approx. 0630 hrs, the sky looks as if the purple princess touched the river with her magic wand. at 0700hrs, the orange prince takes over. The sunrise and sunset view is stunning.


Down at the river


In picture: Friend and I trying to be cool, but didn’t work.

Let’s talk about friendship. Most people in the boarding house hang out with different groups of people during school times. Maintaining a good and healthy relationship between boarding mates is very important.

Bullying is a strict no-no. Maintaining these relationships is very hard for me. You find people from all sorts of backgrounds, mentality, and goals here. When I can’t stand someone, all I have to do is walk out of the room. instead of hurting someone’s feelings, it’s that simple.


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