The Youngest Child


This is me. I’m the youngest child out of 4. I’m a girl by the way. I was just extremely tom-boyish when I was younger and hated girl stuff (I always wanted to be a boy). I guess I’m the living proof of a spoiled child. They say the youngest gets away with everything. For me, I’m probably the most rebellious and “adventurous” child out of all my siblings.


I have two sisters and a brother. Sister born in ’90, brother born in ’92, and second sister born in ’95. I popped out of the oven in ’98. It would’ve been really hard for my siblings (especially the eldest) because I was such an annoying child, who was almost overly active and noisy. I still am, by the way.


Our family often went for trips overseas. We’re a lucky bunch. Being the youngest meant that mum had to find someone to play with me, or I’ll leech onto her and talk non-stop. (In picture: New Zealand, sister holding frisbee.) I remember hitting my finger in this trip and it still remains bigger than the one on my other hand to this day


In Picture: At the airport.

Having siblings also meant that they could set the trust balance between child and parent. My siblings are very trustworthy. As expected, being the youngest, I’ve abused the trust so many times. It’s almost quite embarrassing. One time I borrowed $2 from my Dad to “buy a book” when I just wanted extra money to buy food. Turned out when I confessed my sins in the near future he said he knows no school activity book would cost less than $4. (This happened in 2007/2008)


In picture: Halloween’09

My parents gave me a lot of freedom. I got my first phone at a much younger age than my siblings. I could ask for almost anything and I would get it. (I hope I wasn’t too demanding). A plus point was being a cool kid when I could take the bus alone from school at age 9. I loved spongebob so much, I made my own halloween costume and nailed it.


Learning new things was an easy job for me. I had older siblings to teach me. Computers (brother), morals and ethics (Sister 1), rollerblading (both sisters), etc.etc.etc. Sister 2 is the handiest to gossip with. It’s amazing how we’ve develop these little gossip sessions. I love it.


In picture: My silver Taekwondo competition medal, Me, Dad, Mum.

I ended up being the one who tries everything and gives it all up when I’m almost there. I just got bored. There’s one thing I haven’t given up and that’s drums. I went from genre to genre, idol to idol, and ended up being qualified to teach by the age of 15. I’m just now working on my final year of studying the music course and proceeding to complete my diploma in performance. But that’s a different story; no one cares.


Growing up was SUCH A HASSLE. I hated my tweenage years, really. Most embarrassing moments of my life. I went through every phase you could think of. Emo music phase, hair (as in photo), clothes (as in photo), and the ultimate embarrassment, cosplay. Every time I think of it I cringe like I’ve seen a disease-ridden toenail. When people remind me of it I just stop, drop and hide. I pity my parents for having to put up with such a weird child. I’m out of it, (thankfully).

1496228_10151855258821592_880880591_o (1)_Fotor

So I decided that it’s time to be more like a girl. I secretly hoped to be a boy since a very young age. I thought I was a boy trapped in a girl’s body, but none of my family know that, till they read this. Puberty made me an angry child (the growth of things made me realise it was impossible avoiding being a woman). I think it took me 3 years (2011-2014) to make a transition. I was very afraid of my siblings making fun of me for some reason.

I don’t like it when people point out my change until after I do so. I grew my hair out, I started watching my posture, changed my closet and did more exercise. Being sent to live somewhere else in a boarding house was also a very good excuse for a sudden change.


In picture: Local drumline

I’m still active with music. I can play the flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, but I’m only fairly efficient with one: drums. I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve received to pursue such passion. Mum is even letting me go for a Drumline Camp across the country!


Sister 1 made this.

I love every one of my siblings, and whether you’re number 1, 2, 3 or 4, we’re all equally loved by everyone in the family. I’m sorry for being such an irritating sister, child, and friend. Thanks for being supportive of everything and I hope we continue to be increasingly close in the future!


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