Throwing My Journal Away

Tonight I part with my journal. It rests in the bin beside me and would hopefully be recycled to a better place.


This is THE JOURNAL. I started it ever since I moved into boarding school. Actually, about a month before. Tabs on the top indicate the months. I’ve been very consistent in writing in my journal, for about a year and a half (now), because I’m throwing it away.

I have calendars that I paste into it every month. I make these myself using graph paper, because it has dimensions just right for a perfect little planner.


Here’s something I’d do all the time. I’ll paste the tickets I’ve collected over the holidays on a page.

Now that I look back, it definitely secures every memory I’ve had more than just embarrassing, embarrassing words.


Before chucking my journal into the bin, I removed all the tickets and passes. As mentioned above, these hold the most memories.

Why am I throwing my journal away?

It’s useless writing it all down. Even though my thoughts and feelings would entertain the future me to a hilarious extent, I decided that it’s best not to embarrass myself this way. Someone’s going to find the journal someday and make me a laughing stock. I live in a boarding house. What’s the probability of that happening?

As for the tickets and passes, I was browsing through Pinterest moments ago and found this: admitone

Isn’t it a better idea?


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