The Common room Hypocrite

Once again in this place we call a boarding house, there are imperfect human beings. One of them is The Common room hypocrite. 

Right where we have our kitchen, where most of the complains come from, blotches of coffee, dishes that have been on the rack for days, and spilled sugar and milk cover the scene.

Whose fault is it? EVERYONE’S. As in one of my previous posts, the kitchen looks like this:


I’ll have you know that I’m sitting in the exact same spot that I took that photo.

Anyways, when someone complains about the common room being messy, there are two possibilities.

1) She is one of the few who actually clean their mess up

2) She is the idiot. common room hypocrite.

Right as this moment, there is one residing in my year group, maybe two. I’m unsure.

About 5 minutes ago, a common room hypocrite made her iced coffee. She dropped about a teaspoon full of ice cream, spilled coffee on the counter, threw her bowl into the sink (unwashed still) and left whilst announcing, “Our common room is disgusting”. No, no. You are.

Why am I talking about her? Because everyone needs to be aware of themselves. You might be one without even knowing.

Or maybe stop complaining so the world can be a better place.


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