My Restful Saturday

Nothing’s better than relaxing and doing what you love on a Saturday. My one particular Saturday, today, is a good one. How do I get through it? I don’t go out, I don’t party, I just appreciate what I have that lies in my room. I must say, the view does help me NOT become depressed.


The sky’s so bright, everything inside my room looks dark on a camera.


I celebrate my morning and afternoon by playing my favourite tunes on this harmonica that belongs to my dad. Well, whatever tune comes to my mind, really.


Ah yes, the memory book. Everything (tickets etc.) in my journal is in here now, remember?


Just needed to add a few things in there.


Of course,, music, reddit, facebook. Yeah, yeah, keeping myself updated with things all the time.

Lastly, I play drums for a school production. We’re doing Beauty and the Beast. Of course you’ll know what that is. Who doesn’t? Even though it ends at like 10pm, I enjoy it so much.


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