Accepting Constructive Criticism

love how constructive criticism helps you in many ways, and no matter how I see it as helpful and good for me, I can’t seem to take it in very well.


It started tonight when I had a practice with my accompanists (bassist and guitarist). I’m going to perform Anthem by Canadian band Rush (as in picture above) in a few weeks. we’ve had one rehearsal before and it was enjoyable.


My teacher, who actually pretty much looks like this, used to be in a funk band playing bass. After playing the song once, he came up with a genius idea. “How about we add another drum solo in the middle of the song?”. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the idea.

gretch drums

(I love Gretsch drums and I like this colour. just one less tom and one more splash cymbals I’ll be happy)

On to the story, they basically expected me to create a solo on the spot. I’m not a solo drummer. I am a song drummer. Ringo Starr is who I truly want to follow. Also most solos have structure, and I can do it when I take time to make up my structure. They come up with good ideas, but the only thing that stuck with me was that I’m not good enough. I’ve created steps for myself to accept constructive criticism.

1. Receiving the Criticism

Ah yes, now is the time to get beat on. Where they tell you that you can’t do this, you never do that, or you pretty much suck. With that, they also told you that you should do this, improve on that, and they want to see you nurture and grow into a more proficient person in your area. You also hate them now, and you want to show them this article:

HOWEVER, no one searches this stuff up. They just say it.

2. Taking in the Criticism

cry. Just cry. JUST. CRY. You want to tear your insides out. The person you admire/love/adore just told you that you suck. You want to CRY IT OUT! The only thing that stuck in your head was that “You messed up”. Why did you completely forget that they also told you how to improve? Now you hate them, you feel depressed, and your mother is too frustrated to try and cheer you up.

3. Accepting Constructive Criticism

You’ve cried buckets, told yourself that you’re probably going to quit whatever you’re doing, even maybe thrown things around your room. You idiot. you SILLY BILLY. But now you realise that you’re being dumb. Right? You think about it. Hey, they did say to improve by doing this.

Pfffffttttt. Why did I even cry? That constructive criticism was great!

You tell yourself that, but obviously when someone else gives you more of the criticism you start from step 1 again.

You’re stupid.


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