Cards of Hope


Recently, I started a card-making movement called “Cards of Hope”. In conjunction with reddit’s /r/RandomActsofCards, I am able to find anyone everywhere in the world who need help with their emotional stress/ down times. The girls (10-18 yrs old) in the boarding house write nice, encouraging words and funny jokes is hopes of cheering them up. This, of course, in done viavolunteering.

The girls have written to soldiers and people who have requested them for their loved ones. I think this is a good way to give the girls something to do on the weekends. Some give it in late, and it kind of disappoints me, but better late than never!

I’m hoping this movement would prove to be a good moral exercise for these girls, as well as cheer anyone up around planet Earth. Things are limited to the cost of postage though, so I created a gofundme page:

Obviously we’re non-profit, and I manage the spending. So if anything goes wrong, (embezzlement) I’m definitely the one to take the blame.


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