Year 12 2016

Good Morning, 2016. It is the biggest year of my life (so far). My plans for this year is to try and make it the most fulfilling one thus far. I should be treating every year like this, so I guess now’s the time to start?

Every year starts with something new. Or as all the other girls say it, ‘New Year, New me.‘ But that’s utter nonsense.

First of all, I wish to continue with ‘Cards of Hope’ in the boarding house. I still think it’s a good boarding house movement, for the younger kids to feel like they’re doing something nice for once.

Second of all, Maybe you don’t know, but I’m in a rock band called ‘Panic Pony’. The band was formed as part of school.

where am i_Fotor.jpg

This is Panic Pony, undeniably one of the best peer band I’ve ever been in. If you’re wondering where I am, I’m on the far right, cropped out unintentionally by the photographer.

So, What the heck am I trying to do with Panic Pony? I want to have more concerts, to make lunchtimes and after school a more interesting affair. Of course I would have to work with our sound and light guy, but that’s another story. Our next concert, as suggested by my lead guitarist, will be called “Hay Fever”. In this concert, various covers of some different genres will be performed by us. I have decided to give myself an identity. By wearing a mask of some sort, there is a chance I might give myself a stupid stage name. But through Hay Fever, we’ll grow as a band, and we aim to give the audience a heck of a goose bumpy ride. Being the second member to leave Panic Pony, the band will have to change its name. 2/5 members leaving isn’t going to be like the band anymore.

Last but not least, my exposure to music has been a great one. Even though I haven’t been working as hard to get the results that I want, I feel like I need to expand this exposure. My aim is to fork out a sum to attend concerts all year round to enjoy myself, of course not forgetting my studies and commitments. No doubt I’ll actually try to maintain my stage identity in and out of school performances.



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