Worst idea ever

So this year I started (like everyone else) with a new clean slate, or at least that’s what I thought I did. I decided to take part in many co-curricular activities, and these include:

Jazz band, Symphony Orchestra, play, drumline, picking up a new instrument (cello), continuing drum lessons, teaching drums, and last but not least, carrying on with the rock band, Panic Pony. The last thing I wanted was to lose Panic Pony, but none of us could cope with school so it’s all over. Buttttttt that’s a different story.

IMG_1544ANYWAYS, the first two weeks of school was all good! Workload, activities, hydration, health, I could juggle all of it.

The 3rd week of school is labelled as ‘HELL WEEK‘ by my peers. This is the week where most tests are placed. For me, I had a test from a different subject every single day. I guess I should be grateful that I didn’t have two on the same day. I thought to myself: Yeah this is fine, I’ll study at night and get it done and over with. (bad idea)


IMG_1545Well, did I take into account that I have Orchestra early in the morning the next day? NO. So I wake up the next day tired, with a large coffee in my hand, playing the timpani and still thinking about calculus.


I didn’t realise that I was tired though; I kept being in denial about not having enough time to study. The workload wasn’t easing up on me. Mind you I’m only through week 4 of school!


We got some test results back, and to my dismay, I received much lower scores than I’d usually get. I STUDIED SO HARD, THOUGH. 😥


So I finally came to my senses. It’s probably good to lay off on the activities, maybe give myself some time to chill out and get back on track. So far, I’ve only been able to leave the orchestra for a little bit. I planned to do some sport, but I guess I don’t have time for it either. My weekends were just filled with crammin’ revision.


It’s not good to keep telling myself I can do something that I obviously can’t. I thought I was keeping a good balance with things. WRONG.



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