Not-intelligent Filmbook Club

Bookclubs are seen by the common man as a lame little club for nerds and housewives. Guess what? You’re probably right, but if you think about it, when you and your friends realise that you read the same book, you start this massive discussion and debate about the storyline, characters, or what’s to come at the end of the book. It builds bridges in friendships; only if you agree with each other. There you go, you’re subtly in a book club all the time. It’s only a matter of time before you actually realise!

So… As the title suggests, my filmbook club is called the Not-Intelligent Filmbook club. It consists of just two people, really. Me, and my matey Joe (Made-up Name). Ladies and gentlemen, I present… Theimg_1563

My number 1 fear of being in a book club is to share my own thoughts on the book, and then have the rest of the group just stare at me as if I just said the most disgusting thing ever. To be completely honest, I never really knew what a book club was going to be like, because all I’ve ever seen were book clubs in movies. My friend and I have really weird brains. It’s almost like we were wired to have the oddest perspectives in movies, but we’re both so scared of saying stupid things. After agreeing on how stupid we are, we decided that it’ll be a perfect judgement-free club. We ended up agreeing on everything each other said, though. It’s also really interesting to see his take on different issues.


Growing up, I absolutely resented books. All I ever wanted to do was around and play- Of course my siblings were different. They read many many many books. Many. I took any possible opportunity to get out of class just so that I can avoid reading texts.


Late 2015, I found myself slowly being sucked into books. It was a really good book, too. I started to appreciate literature a little bit more.

Here’s how it all started:

Well, Joe and I were bored one weekend, and decided to watch Ex-Machina. It was pretty impromptu, too. After finishing the movie, we shared our interesting thoughts on the movie. It felt pretty good to, for once, sound like we’re being intelligent over here. IMG_1558


All of this started off as a fun thing, to do occasionally when we’re bored. This was when I realised that the club was actually helping me with my English subject in school. I was able to see things differently in texts, all the conventions, the boring stuff… I actually understood stuff! This wasn’t just beneficial for me, though. It benefitted Joe such that he had a healthier hobby of reading now.


I was just amazed at the speed I was going at in my English Test. I read the text, carefully analysed it, and wrote a 3-page essay ON TIME! WOAH! I could never have done that. I got my results back, and did a whole 20% better than I did before.


The book club not only boosted our confidence with thought sharing and discussion, it closed the gap between us and these stories. Our friendship, I think, grew stronger too. I mentioned this at the beginning of the post: we started to understand how one another thought.


Start a bookclub with your good friends, enrol your kids into one, get involved, because this stuff is so, SO good.




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