What to do in Uni: The Ultimate Debate

The things I’ve been wanting to do in uni ranged from music to dentistry for the past 5 years. It was simple. I like drums, I enjoy studying pieces and making music, so let’s do music.


After moving to Perth, though, I started doing way better in school. Engineering came to mind. I went for work experience to a big oil company in 2014 just because I thought I was destined to be an engineer.


I talked to my cousin who was serving in the army that time. The army sounded great, and I watched many inspiring videos on it. A civil engineer in the army – that sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Yeah, well once again, I thought I was destined to serve the army. Who knew, that thoughts could change.


Dentistry. My orthodontist said he loves his job because nobody dies. It’s as simple as that, even though the suicide rate for dentistry students is pretty high. Those are just statistics though, and it’s on the internet. Never trust the internet. It was a very appealing course to me for at least 4 months; the pay, the people, the job market.


I don’t think I would be very happy doing that. I found out that using that very structured side of my brain where everything is thought out carefully and planned doesn’t make me smile. I prefer to let my brain loose and creative to create something interesting.

Here is my current thought (07/05/2016):


GPNG likes playing drums.


GPNG likes creating funky rhythms


GPNG likes taking part in plays and musicals, acting or playing an instrument


GPNG likes the idea of helping people through music, maybe therapy or something


GPNG loves music


Should I be doing music in uni?




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