My Restful Saturday

Nothing’s better than relaxing and doing what you love on a Saturday. My one particular Saturday, today, is a good one. How do I get through it? I don’t go out, I don’t party, I just appreciate what I have that lies in my room. I must say, the view does help me NOT become depressed. The […]

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The Common room Hypocrite

Once again in this place we call a boarding house, there are imperfect human beings. One of them is The Common room hypocrite.  Right where we have our kitchen, where most of the complains come from, blotches of coffee, dishes that have been on the rack for days, and spilled sugar and milk cover the scene. […]

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The neuro-revolution is coming: Greg Gage’s neuroscience kits put research in the hands of the curious

Originally posted on TED Blog:
Greg Gage left a career in engineering when he realized his real passion was for neuroscience. He creates kits to help spark this interest in kids, so they don’t “miss their calling like I did.” Many of the kits involve experiments with roaches. Photo: Courtesy of Daily laurel Greg Gage is a…

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Throwing My Journal Away

Tonight I part with my journal. It rests in the bin beside me and would hopefully be recycled to a better place. This is THE JOURNAL. I started it ever since I moved into boarding school. Actually, about a month before. Tabs on the top indicate the months. I’ve been very consistent in writing in my […]

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The Youngest Child

This is me. I’m the youngest child out of 4. I’m a girl by the way. I was just extremely tom-boyish when I was younger and hated girl stuff (I always wanted to be a boy). I guess I’m the living proof of a spoiled child. They say the youngest gets away with everything. For […]

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Life of a Boarder

Lo and behold, life in a boarding house. It varies from person to person but I’m a fairly flexible one with the adaptability skills of a Tardigrade.  I am a boarding student of a school in Western Australia. I am fairly lucky to have chosen one of the best boarding schools in the state. Every […]

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